Tell the Scholastic Book Fair to stop catering to right-wing bigots!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: Scholastic Book Club

The beloved Scholastic book fairs that introduced so many of us to so many wonderful books are sadly now bending the knee to the onslaught of right-wing-inspired hatred and bigotry.

CBS News reports that "the company is being accused of creating what some are calling a 'bigotry button' that allows school districts to exclude books from the fairs that touch on race, LGBTQ and other issues related to diversity." Schools can opt out of showing a separate category of books, "Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice."

Tell Scholastic to promote EVERY book at their book fairs!

Books in this category include books about civil rights icon John Lewis and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown, a book by disability activist and model Sofia Sanchez, and other books featuring characters that are Asian, Latino, and Native American.

We cannot allow right-wing bigots to dictate what our kids can and can't read. Opening the minds of kids to new experiences and different perspectives is the way that we stop the cycle of hate!

Tell the Scholastic Book Fair to stop catering to bigots!

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