Kansas City Zoo: Shut Down Your Elephant Exhibit!

The Kansas City Zoo has made the list of the top 10 worst zoos for elephants this year, and for good reason. 

First, the zoo's exhibit is shockingly small. By comparison, elephants that live in the wild have access to thousands of miles of habitat for feeding, mating, and playing. In fact, many wild elephant groups roam 30 miles in a single day. Clearly, it is not only unnatural to confine such large mammals into such small spaces: it is completely inhumane.

On top of the small enclosure, the Kansas City Zoo also forces elephants to participate in a captive breeding program. There is no way to spin a breeding program – where animals are forced to copulate, with no mind to their needs or desires – as ethical. 

Sign now to demand the Kansas City Zoo finally shut down their abusive elephant exhibit for good!

We know that putting pressure on legislatures and zoos can force them to shut down their elephant exhibits for good. When the Hogle Zoo in Utah was listed in the top 10 worst zoos for elephants twice, the zoo finally closed its elephant exhibit.

Elephants are brilliant, charismatic, and have deep relationships with one another in the wild. They deserve care, freedom, and safety, not more blatant abuse. The Kansas City Zoo is not reformable, and its elephant exhibit must be shut down for good!

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