PROTECT THE EAGLES From Disturbance in Lake Wylie SC


A national developer has development plans that could likely impact 2 Bald Eagles nests and a lookout tree in York County, SC if action is not taken. There is a federal law meant to protect Eagles but it's weak in this case because it allows for residential development and construction disturbances withing the 300 foot radius of the Eagles nest and lookout tree. The Eagle's habitat along Crowders Creek on Lake Wylie allows them a save haven close to their food source. The federal law does nothing to assure they are protected unless there are babies in the nest and even then it offers little in the way of assurances the developer won't impact the natural and environmental habitat. We are asking that the developer not build houses in the 300 foot radius of the Eagles nests and lookout tree that have been documented by the SC Dept of Natural Resources. Image shows nest, lookout tree and 2nd nest to far left. 
The residential development boasts 399 homes along the shoreline of Lake Wylie. The excessive clearing of trees will surely leave the Eagles less protected and will most likely result in them being forced to relocate  We ask that The Walton Group and D.R Horton voluntarily act to update their plans to reflect their interest in the community's wishes to SAVE the Eagles and their habitat at all costs in Lake Wylie area of York County, SC. 

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