Demand an End to Racial Discrimination, End Affirmative Action!

Ivy league colleges use affirmative action laws to discriminate Asian Americans. Not all Asians are rich nor are from affluent countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. There needs to be a change within the system to benefit the poor's and middle class-men rather than the rich. Instead of shortening Asians opportunity to go to College, under a pretense of giving it to Africans, they should instead shorten rich WHITE people opportunities. Right now the percentage of Whites are 50% despite claims that Asians, once again, are taking "jobs". If we don't do anything again it is going to be like 1900's where they kicked out Asians because of racial discrimination! On top of it if Whites are favored at business, Hispanics are favored at acting and singing gigs, and Blacks are favored at sports, where are Asians suppose to exist? It simply feels like a slap on the face of the hard working Asians to be denied because of their race not their ability. Save the vulnerable Asians forced to swallow discrimination and hate. Especially during the hard time during the corona virus where every second they are losing a job because they are a certain RACE not a certain PERSON. Please let the Harvard Case of affirmative action be REOPENED.

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