No More Dangerous Copper Mines!

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Montana State Legislature
Montana is about to OK new toxic copper mines, even though past copper mines have absolutely devastated the state.

Sign on if you don't want any more copper mines in Montana.

The Black Butte Copper Project is worth $250 million and would be the first new copper mine in Montana in 40 years. As is typical, the stakeholders involved are promising the mine won't have environmental impacts, but history shows us that is unlikely to be true. In the past, copper mines have ended up pumping heavy metals and sulfuric acid into water supplies.

This is just another story of corporate greed without regard for the environment, and we can't let it happen. Not only would water supplies be threatened, but fish populations and water temperatures could be affected, which would have large impacts on the ecosystem. The Smith River, which has been called a national treasure, would be particularly threatened. There is no price you can put on health of the river. 

One town of 60,000 people downstream is extremely worried about the project and its affects on their water supply. Not only it is a threat to the water supply, but the copper mining process actually can damage water systems themselves, threatening a lot of infrastructure too. That's not to mention the possibility of spills and disasters. One such disaster cost Montana citizens $77 million in clean up. 

Please join us in urging Montana legislators to block this dangerous mining project. 
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