Demand Florida overturn its draconian 6-week abortion law!

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed one of the most draconian anti-abortion bans in the country into law, after Republicans rejected 50 amendments by Democrats, including an exception for a dangerous medical condition that nearly killed a Black woman as she bled out on the floor of a salon.

The GOP's new ban will literally kill countless women and force many more to carry unwanted fetuses to term, but that appears to be a price Republican lawmakers are happy to force others to pay to get their ideological agenda passed.

Tell the Florida legislature to roll back the abortion bill and save women's lives!

Though our options are limited, there are too many lives at stake for us to give up now. It's going to take a LOT of activism — a lot of vote-getting-outing, a lot of door-knocking, a lot of legislator-writing and calling and protesting and to let these politicians know that if they don't get rid of this disastrous bill, we'll do EVERYTHING we can to replace them with someone who will.

This isn't over. Not by a longshot! These Floridian politicians are going to rue the day they voted for that abortion bill.

Demand Florida overturn its draconian abortion law!

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