Save the Strings and Orchestra Programs at Newton Elementary Schools!

Newton Public Schools (NPS) is facing numerous proposed budget cuts for the upcoming 2023-24 school year, including the ELIMINATION of all Newton Elementary Schools Strings programs (strings lessons and orchestra ensemble instruction across all fifteen elementary schools in the district).

We believe that every child deserves a musical education regardless of their family's ability to access instruments or pay for private lessons. We feel that the ripple effects of this cut will be deep and long-lasting. We feel that a music education is more necessary than ever in these divisive times and after pandemic-disrupted schooling. Instrumental instruction and participation in a musical ensemble as a community are endless, including social-emotional health, inclusion and encouragement of diverse learning styles and skills, and benefits to all learning areas. Research has also demonstrated educational benefits specific to string instruments.  The best time to start an instrument is at a young age, and many children will never discover the joy of learning an instrument if their first introduction is in middle school or beyond.

In the coming days, there will be many presentations, deliberations, and School Committee Meetings, culminating in a Wednesday 04/12/2023 6:30p Public Comment on the Budget.

Please join us in asking NPS and our elected officials in Newton to reconsider this proposal by signing this petition and sharing your comments and personal stories.

*Note: For this petition to be valid it needs a local address, but your address will NOT be visible or shared.

Additional information can be found at

Update #1Een jaar geleden
Thank you for your support! We are touched by how many have come out to support this effort. On April 24, Newton Public Schools strings/orchestra students will gather for Stringfest, a concert to advocate for restoration of NPS Elementary Strings Programs. We urge EVERYONE to come out in support of our students and educators. Visit for updates (including links to participate in the 4/12 public hearing, 4/24 Stringfest, and other ways to help) and to join our mailing list.
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