Reject the GOP plan to track pregnancies with a federal database!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: United States Senate

In a new dystopian low, Republican Senator Katie Britt has proposed tracking American pregnancies through a federal registry.

The bill, cynically called the "More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed" Act, is ostensibly for resources related to pregnancy, including information about adoption agencies and pregnancy care providers, but of course explicitly bans any mention of organizations that provide abortion services.

On top of that, it would collect data on pregnant Americans that could potentially be used to prosecute people who end up seeking abortion care for one reason or another.

Demand the Senate reject Katie Britt's dystopian pregnancy database bill!

The bill would provide federal resources and grants to "pregnancy support centers" and anti-abortion non-profit organizations known for lying to their patients about their options.

For a political party that claims to want the government out of people's lives, Republicans sure are interested in being deeply involved in what's going in American uteruses — and we must resoundingly reject the GOP's latest effort to clamp down on abortion resources and monitor pregnancies.

Reject the GOP plan to track pregnancies with a federal database!

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