Tell the Senate to bring back the Enhanced Child Tax Credit!

One of the most important parts of President Biden's historic American Rescue Plan was the expanded Child Tax Credit, which gave poor parents another $3600 a year for young children — half of which was sent as monthly payments of $300.

The policy was incredibly effective, cutting child poverty in America by a staggering 46% by helping 61 million children. But as is often the case when it comes to anything that actually improves the lives of working Americans, the policy expired and has yet to be renewed.

Tell your legislators to make the CTC expansion permanent — and without means testing!

Now Democrats are trying a last-ditch attempt to include the Child Tax Credit expansion in the upcoming must-pass government spending bill, though it faces opposition from Republicans who absurdly claim that an extra $300 a month will dissuade parents from working.

With corporate greed and supply chain issues sending prices for literally everything skyrocketing, American families need the extra help more than ever.

Tell the Senate to bring back the Enhanced Child Tax Credit!

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