• van: Joe M
  • ontvanger: Pendle Police Sgt Lee Turner 3016

sometime ago I was subjected to a violent unprovoked assault by a public House doorman in my town of Colne Pendle causing injury to my spine. I tried reporting the incident to a young PC who was near by but he threatened to arrest me if I didn't go home when I asked the young Officer his name his sarcastic reply was this is me and that's my Sgt sat in the van, two days later I phoned the local police station to report the incident but I was told by Police Sgt Lee Turner that he had been to the pub in person and said unfortunately the area of incident wasn't covered by CCTV therefore no evidence, but I later caught the Sgt out as a liar as I had obtained full footage of incident proving I did no wrong but the Sgt still wouldn't take action by saying all was legal, since when was it legal to injure a person?
after trying for over two years to complain about Sgt Lee Turner to the Police Professional Standards sending them constant reminders they have finally responded to tell me they have closed the file'

i have since descovered the doorman isn't even licensed to be a doorman but only as a seurity guard !he has commited a criminal offence' it is also a criminal offence to employ unlicensed doormen'

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