This Dog Died With Only Dirt and Straw In His Stomach After His Owner Left Him to Starve

A dog in Merritt Island, Florida recently died after its owner left it to starve to death. Concerned neighbors noticed something was wrong and reached out to law enforcement when they realized the dog was in distress.

But by the time authorities showed up, it was already too late.

This dog's owner is obviously not safe for other pets. He should be banned from animal ownership.

When they arrived at the premises to look for the dog, authorities were heartbroken by what they found: the emaciated corpse of a dog that had fought for his life.

According to the local sheriff, a necropsy revealed that the dog's stomach was completely empty except for dirt, leaves, and pine straw. As he said: "That's how desperately this dog was trying to survive." He had tried to eat anything possible to soothe his painful stomach and gain nutrients - but that obviously didn't work.

No person should ever neglect an animal so badly that it has no food at all to eat, until it withers away, cries out in pain, and tries eating dirt to fill its belly. Starvation is a slow and painful way to die. This poor animal clearly suffered immensely in its last few days on this Earth.

Let's keep other animals safe from this man. He shouldn't be allowed to own animals again. Sign the petition.
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