Iowa Republicans Want Children to Work in Mines and Hazardous Meatpacking Plants

Republican state lawmakers in Iowa have introduced some of the most regressive labor laws in a century. A new bill, backed by powerful businesses across the state, would weaken existing child labor laws in order to allow 14-17 year olds to work in extremely dangerous conditions.

Think that sounds bad? It gets worse: the bill, Senate File 167, would also ensure that employers could not be held civilly liable if kids are injured, sickened, or killed on the job - even if it's a result of corporate negligence.

Sign now to demand Republican lawmakers in Iowa kill Senate File 167, which legalizes children working in horrific conditions!

Perhaps the scariest part of this bill is the fact that it would create exemptions for children to work in mining, meatpacking, demolition, and other extremely dangerous industries. These are some of the most hazardous types of work in the entire country.

The new bill would also expand the number of hours kids can work per week. Apparently Republicans only care about children when they're in the womb - and stop caring once kids can be exploited by companies.

Workers in the labor movement fought and died to protect children from the tragic conditions of these industries. We cannot roll back one hundred years of labor rights for the benefit of a couple of companies who want to hire more cheap workers.

Sign the petition to demand that Iowa state lawmakers show that they care about children by actually protecting kids! Demand that Republicans vote "no" on Senate File 167!
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