God Doesn't Want Kids to Suffer and Die From Preventable Diseases

  • van: Jacob Geers
  • ontvanger: Washington state legislators

Washington state just took the bold step of ending their "personal" and "philosophical" exemption for the MMR vaccines. This is a great start, but anti-vaxxer parents in the state are now openly bragging that they have another loophole: the religious exemption.

Will you sign this petition today to demand that Washington state end this religious exemption? We have a public health crisis brewing due to children not being properly vaccinated, and mandatory vaccines should be mandatory for all kids!

Washington state's new law is encouraging progress, but it only applies to the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella). We need to take further action to demand that ALL mandatory vaccines don't have personal, philosophical, or religious exemptions. There are real lives at stake!

For example, measles are so harmful that if you get them and happen to survive, the disease wipes our your immune system's ability to remember previous illnesses it was immune to, making you susceptible to every other disease. 

Will you sign this petition demanding that Washington state pass a new, stronger, law that overturns personal, philosophical, and religious exemptions for all mandatory vaccines? We have a public health crisis brewing, and there's no time to waste — will you speak out and sign our petition today?

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