Change the Mascot of Jackson R-2 School District from “Indians”!

  • van: Beck Hamilton
  • ontvanger: Jackson R-2 School District Board of Education

Jackson, Missouri R-2 School District should not be using the Native American people as a mascot. Native Americans are people who have suffered great injustice at the hands of white people for centuries and deserve more than to be used as a school mascot. It is now widely known that Native people do not appreciate the term "Indian" being used to describe them and it is unacceptable that Jackson continue to use that word along with stereotypical depictions of Native people as a brand. Over the years, the school district as began using bow-and-arrows rather than stereotypical cartoon depictions on their merchandise. This shows that the district understands the underlying racial issues with depicting someone else's culture as a school theme/mascot. The next logical step in correcting the immoral use of being the "Jackson Indians" is to change the mascot entirely. In doing so, not only would this show respect to Native American culture, but would ensure that all students, regardless of their race, feel welcomed in Jackson school district.

You can also contact Jackson School Board to press this issue.

School Board Phone Number:
Superintendent Dr. John Link:

Update #12 maanden geleden
My name is Beck and I created the petition to change the Jackson R-2 school district mascot. I am looking for input from those who are Native American, to give quotes as to how the mascot makes you feel etc. I am not Native, and I want to make sure those who are have their voices heard in this effort to have the mascot changed. You can contact me at
I'll be sure to continue keeping everyone updated as this progresses, thank you.
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