She Used to Represent an Aggressive Hunting Group, But Trump Just Put Her In Charge of Wildlife Conservation

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: The Trump Administration
In an equally unsurprising and tragic movie, President Donald Trump has chosen the new representative for the Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS)'s international affairs program by pulling directly from his own crooked personal circle. Anna Seidman, the president's pick, has worked for over 20 years as a lawyer for Safari Club International (SCI), a group whose main function is to chip away at protections for animals frequently targeted by hunters. Of course, since the FWS is intended to conserve animals, SCI's mission statement is the antithesis of what the FWS stands for. In other words, Anna Seidman cannot be trusted in this role!

Please sign the petition and demand that Anna Seidman is immediately removed from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service!

Seidman's role at SCI often included filing lawsuits against the Fish and Wildlife Service, the very organization at which she will now have a key role, in order to loosen restrictions for hunters. Seidman has spent almost her entire career devoted to an organization that has drawn harsh criticism for giving out awards to hunters who kill exotic -- and often endangered -- animals. Since the FWS serves to guard the lives of wildlife, not sell them off to greedy hunters, the organization was the SCI's number-one nemesis. Now, hunters will be delighted to discover that their guardian angel is in a prime position to put their murderous desires above animals' well-being.

It doesn't take much investigating to discover why Trump would be a fan of Anna Seidman and SCI. In 2016, SCI donated $11,000 to Trump's presidential campaign. And in early 2020, the group auctioned off a hunting trip with Trump's own son, Donald Trump Jr., making a whopping $150,000. At the same event where this trip was auctioned off, hunters could bid for the chance to shoot an elephant in Namibia, slaughter giraffes in Zimbabwe, or murder crocodiles in South Africa. This is quite a bloody legacy for the Fish and Wildlife Service's newest member.

The efficacy and integrity of the FWS is at risk as long as Anna Seidman is allowed to remain there. Please join us in calling on the Trump Administration to remove her from this position immediately, before more animals suffer and die under her influence. Sign the petition today!
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