Demand New Hampshire’s governor veto a harmful anti-LGBTQ bill attacking kids!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu

New Hampshire has become the latest state whose GOP-controlled state legislature has passed discriminatory bills aimed and LGBTQ+ children under the hood of "parental concern."

House Bill 1431, the so-called "parental bill of rights," obligates public school staff to inform parents of sensitive information their children might divulge to them — including "gender expression or identity."

This, of course, would lead to schools outing children to their own parents, some of whom might not approve and take action against them. It forces children back into the closet, preventing them from expressing themselves safely and exploring their identities at their own pace.

The bill's demands are a direct attack on the bond of privacy between a counselor and a student, putting the counselor in ethical dilemmas and cutting off an important safe space for children.

Kids deserve to make decisions and explore their identities in a safe and comfortable environment — and our teachers deserve better than to be forced to betray the trust of the kids they care so deeply for.

Demand New Hampshire's governor veto a harmful anti-LGBTQ bill attacking kids!

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