The Supreme Court Wants to Gut the Clean Water Act. Congress Must Protect It!

Yet another vital piece of environmental legislation in the United States is at risk, and this time it's our water that will suffer. Supreme Court justices have recently expressed alleged concern about the "broad reach" of the Clean Water Act. At a time when our ecosystems are arguably more fragile than ever from the threat of global climate change, we cannot afford to take any more steps backward. But Congress can act quickly to save our water supply and water resources, codifying the Clean Water Act into law!

Sign now to demand Congress act before the Supreme Court guts this vital environmental legislation! 

The Clean Water Act has historically been a cornerstone of U.S. environmental policy. For decades, it was used by the EPA to protect society's right to clean water – both in our taps and in the country's wetlands and waterways. It has protected the country's rivers, lakes, and streams from likely millions of tons of wastewater dumping from point sources such as factories and wastewater treatment plants. But since disgraced ex-President Donald Trump was able to appoint three highly conservative judges to the most important court in the country, decades of environmental progress are now at risk. Conveniently, these justices are deeply concerned about potential government overreach when it comes to protecting wetlands, but not when it comes to eliminating reproductive freedom and criminalizing abortion. 

If checks and balances actually exist in our country, then Congress must step up and protect the United States from the Supreme Court's extreme power to gut vital environmental policy by codifying the Clean Water Act into law. We cannot let a handful of right-wing judges destroy our water supply! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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