Sign to Demand Free Menstrual Products in Public Schools!

The state of California just passed legislation requiring public schools and colleges to provide free menstrual products for all of their students who need them. This law will go a long way to giving equitable access to education for menstruating students, most of whom are girls and women. Period products are the same as toilet paper and hand soap -- they are bathroom necessities! 

Now we need the rest of the United States to do the same. Will you sign the petition asking the U.S. Congress to pass a law requiring all public schools and universities to provide free period products?

Period poverty refers to what happens when people don't have access to menstrual products. They may have to stay home while they are bleeding because they don't have a way to stay clean outside of the home, denying them full access to society just because of a common bodily function. Menstrual products are extremely expensive, much more than they have to be. In fact, they are often taxed as "luxury goods". But no one who menstruates considers the products they need for it a "luxury", they are a necessity. 

Beyond expense, periods sometimes arrive unexpectedly. People, especially younger folks who are newer to menstruating, don't always know when their period is coming and many many people do not have a consistent, predictable period pattern. This is another reason why menstrual products should be provided at school. Otherwise people -- mostly young girls -- may have to leave school early and miss out on critical education. 

The United States spends so much money on the military and corporate bailouts, but so little on actual people. We need to change that. Sign the petition if you think the entire United States should provide free period products in public schools and universities!

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