5,000 Baby Flamingos Died Because Humans Took Their Water!

There is a lake in Turkey called Lake Tuz and each year about 10,000 flamingos are born there. This year, half of them died because humans rerouted the water meant for the lake to farming projects. The lake is now a spooky graveyard of baby flamingos and the people at fault are trying to pass the buck. 

Will you sign the petition and tell Turkey not to sacrifice baby flamingos in this way again?

The water from the irrigation canal that was meant to end up at Lake Tuz was sent to farms. But TEMA, a Turkish environment foundation, found that that farming effort had exceeded the water they needed and were allowed by 30%. This makes the mass death of baby flamingos even more tragic -- it appears it wasn't even necessary to grow food. 

Of course the rerouting of water was not the only issue. The reason there wasn't enough water for both to begin with is climate change. No matter how you look at it: it is humans' fault that 5,000 baby flamingos died before they could even hatch. 

Please sign the petition to urge Turkey to change the region's irrigation methods so no more flamingos die!

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