Tell companies to pay workers a decent wage!

Companies across the country are complaining that there's a labor shortage, but the reality is there's just a shortage of companies that treat their employees right. 

After the pandemic, at least one thing was clear for wage workers: if one company won't give you sustainable benefits, wages, and conditions — another company will. Workers everywhere are starting to understand their value. If companies are lacking in staff, it's because their bare minimum wage isn't cutting it anymore. Especially not in a post-pandemic world.

Add your name to demand companies pay workers a decent wage!

People have been fighting for a $15 minimum wage for so long that with inflation, that salary can still not cover basic living costs in most of America. 

Every single person should feel secure and supported should something significantly affect the economy again, at the very least. There is no reason that wage workers should still be living paycheck to paycheck, especially after being dubbed "essential workers" for almost two years now. 

Sign now to call on companies to finally pay their workers a decent wage if they want to fix their labor shortage!

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