Install a Dumpster to Stop Dumping in McNeely Lake Park, Now!

McNeely Lake Park in Louisville is a public park that houses wildlife and serves as a space for Louisvillians to connect with nature and each other. But, this park is full of litter. There are dumping sites on McNeely Lake Park grounds that are going unchecked.
There are signs that disapprove of dumping, but that doesn't stop people from littering. We are asking the Louisville government and specifically the Louisville and Jefferson county board of health to install a public dumpster at McNeely Lake Park, at dumping sites specifically. 
We realize that the individuals dumping trash may not have access to waste management for a myriad of reasons. To protect our parks, we need to provide a large dumpster that no one will be penalized for using. We have to do something to combat dumping on McNeely Lake grounds to protect the environment and the health of people visiting the park.
Sign our petition if you agree, and demand that the Louisville and Jefferson county board of health take the action to protect our parks!

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