Yoplait: Stop killing skunks - redesign your cups!

  • van: Jen Johnson
  • ontvanger: General Mills CEO Ken Powell
Did you know that skunks are dying because Yoplait refuses to redesign their yogurt cups?

The cups, which are shaped so that they taper towards the top, make it easy for skunks and other wildlife to get their heads inside of - but then the animals become stuck. Without human hands, some animals - in particular skunks, which have paws that are not made to grasp objects - are trapped until they suffocate or die from dehydration. 

Yoplait has known since 1998 that their cups are killing and injuring wildlife and hasn't done anything to help.

This might seem like a small problem, but it's actually quite prevalent. According to wildlife ecologist Laura Simon, she gets calls at the wildlife rescue hotline at least once a month about wildlife trapped inside Yoplait yogurt containers. And those are just the animals that people call in about - hundreds more are likely becoming trapped by this cup's deadly design.

General Mills responded to pressure to change the cup design by printing a tiny suggestion on the bottom of the product advising people to crush the cups. Obviously this is not enough, since people are still widely unaware of this problem. Redesigning the cup would be a small price to pay for the innocent animals whose lives would be spared.

If enough consumers speak out about this, Yoplait will be forced to do something to protect their positive image and appeal to customers. Please sign this petition to tell Yoplait you want them to redesign their yogurt cups - and if you eat Yoplait yogurt, indicate that in the comments so they can see how many of their customers want them to make this change!
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