Create One Gender-Neutral Restroom in All Public Schools in Los Angeles

Transgender people experience indirect discrimination every day simply for attempting to meet a basic need -- using the restroom.

I'm a high school senior, and I'd love to see LA schools become more inclusive of trans* individuals. Please sign the petition to ask all schools in Los Angeles to create or designate at least one gender-neutral bathroom!

When I was a junior, several students complained about a student entering the female restroom because she was born male. This shouldn't have to happen. It's time to educate students about transgender inclusiveness, and to help transgender individuals to feel more comfortable in public school environments.

California recently passed a law, Assembly Bill No. 1266, which addresses some issues related to trans* discrimination. The law requires public schools to respect a transgender students' identity in all programs, activities, and facilities. However, the law does not require schools to create new programs or new facilities for any students.

Gender-neutral restrooms help transgender individuals to feel more included in society. They alleviate the need for trans* students to "out" themselves or have uncomfortable conversations with school officials and classmates who are unfamiliar with gender fluidity.

Discrimination against transgender people leads to health issues, too, including high levels of stress. A study found that the more discrimination is experienced, the higher reported levels of anxiety and depression (Jen Wilson, p. 1). In extreme cases, these mental health problems can lead to suicide.

Transgender people have the right to use the restroom of the gender they identify with without running into issues. Creating gender-neutral restrooms for all will change the perspective of trans* individuals in our community. It will also help us to foster an inclusive and accepting environment, while solving health problems in our community.

Please sign the petition to ask all schools in Los Angeles to create or designate at least one gender-neutral bathroom!
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