Hi! So to start off I am a huge fan of the L word, and know many who are as well, so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when they announced a follow up season called Generation Q. Showing the new lives of some of our beloved original cast members and some new added characters. Now one of the many questions I’ve seen online has been “is Carmen de la Pica Morales, one of the OG characters that going to make a comeback?!” And to question is sadly no, and that’s an answer from the creator themselves and with their reasoning being that it can Che controversial because of the actress being an actual Latina, and the want to add more diversity. And I think that is very amazing, and I think this new season has been very diverseful and very inclusive to many different backgrounds of people. But! as a fellow Latina speaking out, and also others from the Latin community I’ve heard agree with me, would love love love for Carmen, aka played by Sarah Shahi, to make a come back!! I mean c’mon we all know that she was supposed to be the end all for Shane, they were supposed to be together and I as well as others feel like there is some unfinished business. I get that Sarah isn’t actually Latina, but she was already casted before and the fans are desperately asking for Carmen to make a come back, so please Ilene Chaiken, please bring Sarah back to play Carmen so we can see one of the many OG characters come back to life. I think it would make a lot of people happy more than making some of us mad. We the OG L word fans are begging !! Please and thank you !
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