The World Bank Funds 'Hog Hotels,' Betraying Environmental Goals

The term "hog hotels" might conjure images of luxury, but the grim reality is far from it. These towering structures in China house thousands of pigs crammed into tight spaces on every floor. These hog hotels are funded by millions from the private sector arm of the World Bank, which dramatically opposes the organization's global sustainability goals and its public commitments to animal welfare and environmental standards.

Sign the petition to demand the World Bank stop funding this animal welfare nightmare!

The private sector arm of the World Bank that is funding these horrific hog hotels is the International Finance Corporation (IFC). It's backed by 186 member countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It's crucial that we urge the World Bank and the IFC to set a positive example by promoting agricultural practices that are both sustainable and humane.

The expansion of industrial livestock production – which is what the IFC is doing – poses serious threats to our climate, sustainable development, and global food security. This method of farming harms more than just animals; it also compromises our food supply and has a profound environmental impact, contributing to global warming and the loss of biodiversity.

Sign the petition to demand the World Bank to align its funding with its stated goals of sustainability and stop its support of industrial-scale animal suffering and environmental harm! 

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