FIFA Must Fire Luis Rubiales for Forcibly Kissing a Female Player!

Eleven days after winning the World Cup, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced the departure of head coach Jorge Vilda. However, Vilda's exit was less about his own actions and more about his alignment with Luis Rubiales, the now-suspended RFEF president. Rubiales forcibly kissed star player Jenni Hermoso on live television, causing international outrage. Yet, he still technically holds his position as RFEF president, which is unacceptable.

Sign the petition to demand that FIFA fire Luis Rubiales immediately!

A group of 15 players, known as "Las 15," vowed not to play if Vilda and, by extension, Rubiales remained in power. These players had previously criticized Vilda for fostering a damaging environment that affected their physical and mental well-being. Their concerns also extend to the culture Rubiales has created within the federation--a culture that can't be fully addressed as long as he remains in any position of power.

The RFEF's committee of regional presidents don't have the authority to remove Rubiales. That authority falls upon FIFA, and they must wield it responsibly. While the RFEF has yet to appoint a new head coach for the women's team, firing Rubiales is the crucial next step for creating a respectful, equitable environment for women in Spanish football.

It's time for FIFA to take definitive action. Sign now to demand Rubiales' immediate removal and a thorough investigation into the toxic culture within the RFEF. Enough is enough!

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