Sinbad, 90 Day Fiancé Host Demand


I have seen the awful downward spiral of the 90 Day Tell All interviews and we must remedy that.
Shaun Robinson has become the most boring, nonchalant, uncharismatic, non-inquisitive host to ever be on TV. The petition to have Robinson replaced has gone viral and hopefully soon TLC and Shark Media will take the viewers opinions and concerns into consideration and promptly remove Robinson from the show and hire an interviewer who will ask the questions the viewers want to have answered. A true host engages in professional interviewing interactions with the guests; however, Robinson treats the guests like she is having tea time with a two year old when we as the viewers need a Muhammad Ali host who will get to the bottom of the things we see during the season.
Therefore with this petition we the signed are asking that the Actor/Comedian Sinbad be instituted as the new host of the 90 Day Finance Tell All Episodes.
Sinbad is a well respected comedian and actor and has had an honorable and moral career both on and off stage and screen. Sinbad has the ability to make common and sometimes odd things funny and relatable to the masses and with the characters on 90 Day Fiancé that will be his toughest challenge to date.
Sinbad has the look, personality, character, and ability to be the best host that 90 Day Fiancé and all the spinoffs have ever seen.
Please join us in championing for Sinbad to be the host and let us enjoy the show once again.


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