Drinking Tea Regularly Linked To ‘Longer And Healthier Life’, Research Finds

    Tea drinkers unite: apparently drinking the hot beverage at least three times a week is linked with longer and healthier life.
    Now, before you say it, this isn’t just a few tea-loving millennials trying to profess my love for the drink (disclaimer: I don’t even love it, sorry not sorry) with some made-up research.
    The findings are reported within the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, with scientists examining 100,902 Chinese adults who had no previous history of attack, stroke or cancer.

    Information on tea consumption was collected through standardized questionnaires, with participants then being categorized into two groups: regular tea drinkers, who drank it three or more times a week; and never or non-habitual tea drinkers, who drank it but 3 times every week.
    Nope, actual scientists have found it to be true, with new research finding habitual consumption of tea is related to a lower risk of disorder and improved health.
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