Provincial Legislature Mentorship Program for Young People

To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled: The petition of the undersigned, Ares Van Koeveringe of Metchosin, states that: The BC government needs to have a way for more people to learn what it's like being a politician in the Provincial Legislature, specifically people who wouldn't otherwise get the chance. It's so that more people, especially young people, think about running for legislature that wouldn't have done so otherwise. An opportunity to see what it's like without having to commit to anything that costs a lot of time or money.

Your petitioners respectfully request that the Honourable House: Make a mentorship program that allows people interested in learning more about MLAs and the Provincial Legislative process to shadow an MLA for around a week. This program would work by people applying, their application getting read over, and then they will get paired with an MLA with similar interests and background. People in the program would get to go to the legislature and see what an MLA does and what it's like to be an MLA.

As this will be presented at the BC Legislature only signatures from BC are allowed.

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