Idaho Is Employing Private Contractors to Shoot Wolves From Helicopters

In the heart of Idaho's majestic national forests, helicopters threaten the peace, targeting wolves from the sky. To make things worse, the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board made the decision to employ private contractors for the aerial gunning of wolves. This not only challenges our ethical responsibilities but also endangers other species, such as grizzly bears and Canadian lynx, and compromises the safety of everyone enjoying these public lands.

We demand the U.S. Forest Service take immediate action to prohibit the aerial gunning of wolves and protect our shared natural heritage.

The serene wilds of the Caribou-Targhee, Boise, Salmon-Challis, Sawtooth, and Payette National Forests are now battlegrounds for wildlife. This not only disrupts the balance of our ecosystems but also instills fear and danger in areas meant for recreation and wonder.

Let us stand together against this misuse of tax dollars and the violation of wilderness principles. Aerial gunning represents a dark departure from the principles of modern wildlife management, prioritizing the elimination of wolves over the health of our forests and the safety of their inhabitants, both human and animal.

Sign this petition to call on the U.S. Forest Service to uphold the values of conservation and public safety by banning aerial gunning and other lethal wildlife control methods on National Forest lands.

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