Victoria's Ducks Are in Danger. End Recreational Shooting!

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Victorian State Government

The heart of Victoria's natural beauty is under threat. Despite a strong public outcry and an attempt to ban recreational duck shooting, the sport continues to cast a shadow over the state's commitment to animal welfare and environmental conservation. We must act now to protect these vulnerable creatures!

Our demand is simple: Ban recreational duck shooting in Victoria immediately.

Sadly, the Victorian government's decision to allow duck shooting to persist, with plans only to adjust regulations in 2025, fails to address the immediate cruelty inflicted upon wildlife. 

As another hunting season approaches, time is running out for the ducks who call our wetlands home.

This practice, which leads to the unnecessary suffering and death of countless ducks each year. This isn't about restricting freedoms; it's about upholding our moral obligation to protect all living beings and preserve our environment for future generations.

The outcry from the community, the clear recommendations from the parliamentary inquiry, and the tireless efforts of animal welfare advocates must not be in vain. Let's stand together to ensure a safer, kinder Victoria where the natural world is respected and treasured. Join the movement to end duck shooting!

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