Develop a Harness With Leash Law for Outdoor Cats

    Too many cats go missing in neighbourhoods where the people who are their caregivers just let them outside to roam free. Posters for these cats are everywhere, and rarely are the cats found. When one let's their cat outside, the cat faces a whole host of dangers that may not be considered. These include being hit by cars; being killed by predators; being poisoned by fertilizers and harsh chemicals - including oil or anti-freeze that, if ingested from cleaning their paws, will cause internal bleeding that can go undetected until it is too late. People also steal cats - and nobody knows if what happens to them is good or bad.

    It is important that the lives of these sweet Creatures be protected, and that the 'love' people have for their cats is a pure love that has compassion and concern for the cats well being.

    I suggest that a Harness With Leash Law be developed for cats. The harness is necessary because it is more gentle than a collar around the neck that they can
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    petitie tekenen
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