Tell Missouri to Vote NO on Horrifying Don't Say Gay Bill!

Amidst full scale assault on LGBTQ Americans in public schools by Republican state legislators, state Sen. Mike Moon has tried to one-up the hate with a bill that would ban educators from talking to students about LGBTQ issues entirely.

Add your name to demand this hateful anti-LGBTQ legislation be rejected immediately!

Missouri's horrendous Don't Say Gay bill is so much worse than Florida's. According to NBC News, the bill would only allow licensed mental health care providers to talk to students about LGBTQ issues in grades K-12, and, even then, only with parental permission, forcibly outing every LGBTQ kid to their parents just to see a therapist.

"The bill follows the lead of Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill but does so with broader impact and implications than any bill being considered in the nation," said Katy Erker-Lynch, executive director of the LGBTQ state advocacy group Promo.

For Missouri Republicans, this may be just another piece of red meat tire fire up the most hateful parts of its bigoted base. But if it were to become law, we know that children would suffer, and lives would be lost.

Please sign your name to defeat this horrific bill!

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