Demand Arizona repeal its near-total abortion ban from 1864!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: Arizona legislature

In a shocking decision, the Arizona state Supreme Court has upheld a near-total abortion ban that dates back to 1859, banning the reproductive healthcare procedure with no exceptions except for saving the life of the mother.

That means teens will be forced to bear their rapists' babies and those suffering from pregnancy complications will be forced to endure their agony until they are on the brink of death. It is a heartless, ignorant, and cruel remnant of a time in which people didn't even understand how germs worked, let alone pregnancy complications. It has no business being law in 2024.

Demand Arizona restore abortion rights!

Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has demanded that the legislature " do the right thing right now and repeal this 1864 ban and protect access to reproductive health care."

It is beyond ridiculous that we're allowing a nearly 200-year-old law to tell modern Americans what they can and can't do with their own bodies. Arizona MUST repeal this archaic law as soon as possible!

Demand Arizona repeal its near-total abortion ban from 1864!

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