Gov. Sununu, Do NOT reappoint NH Fish & Game Commissioner Paul DeBow!

NH Fish & Game Commissioner Paul DeBow's reappointment date is in June 2024. He is a lifelong trapper and has made it clear he is only on the commission to protect his interests. Before he was a commissioner, Mr. DeBow rallied against needed protections for a declining fox population. As a commissioner he stated publicly he is going TO PETITION TO TRAP AND HUNT NH BOBCATS! He also wrote a letter which basically was demeaning to the members of the public who choose not to trap or hunt.

Mr. DeBow is a Director of the NH Trappers Association and the NHTA is pro-bear trapping and raffled a trip to trap a bear in Maine. His son also works for NH Fish & Game and that is a conflict. They are both avid trappers and have zero objectivity when it comes to how cruel and antiquated trapping is.

The NH Fish & Game Commission should be objective and fair. Commissioners should not belittle the members of the public who do not hunt or trap. There should be a level of objectivity, which Mr. DeBow clearly does not demonstrate.
We are pleading with Governor Sununu and the Executive Council to turn down Mr. DeBow's anticipated request for reappointment and find a fair replacement instead. Please sign and share. 

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