Stop Republican censorship! Pass the Fight Book Bans Act

Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost just introduced a new bill in Congress to fight back against book bans. The Fight Book Bans Act "takes a stand against censorship by giving school districts the funding that they need to oppose these challenges." 

Rep. Frost's home state of Florida had the most book bans in the country last year, comprising 40 percent of book bans across the nation. Republicans in Florida and other states are waging war on our education system by attempting to ban books that discuss women's issues, race, LGBTQ issues, and more. They're trying to whitewash and even erase key parts of history and keep kids from learning about important issues!

This is a crisis for our education system. We need Congress to pass the Fight Book Bans Act so we can fight censorship and provide kids with books about important topics from inclusive voices and perspectives. 

Add your name: Tell Congress to pass the Fight Book Bans Act >>

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