Verizon Cell Service Issues

Verizon has been a great cell phone carrier for years but recently our community is experiencing bad reception, dropped calls and no service in our homes where we have had perfect service for years. This is not an individual home issue, this is a whole community issue that needs to be resolved. Our primary goal is to have Verizon fix the coverage issues in our central Raleigh community, specifically inside the 440 belt line. We feel that if these issues aren't resolved in a timely manner, Verizon will stand to lose many customers.

Update #4Een maand geleden
Just wanted to give you an update: I talked to cooperate Verizon and due to privacy issues they cant blanketly look at all the homes listed on petition. They are asking each of us to go into verizon store NH or the new one near Wegmans and talk to any manager and submit a ticket for your area. Once they have multiple people submit they can attack the problem better. They have ruled out a damaged tower as of last week.
Update #3Een maand geleden
Just an update... Verizon has received all the signatures on petition and is setting up the work orders for our zip codes. I will be following up with my contact person at Verizon regularly until it’s resolved.
Update #21 maanden geleden
Keep up the good work!!
Update #11 maanden geleden
Thank you for signing this ! Please pass on to more people!
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