This doctor is spreading misinformation, risking people's lives just to turn a profit

Misinformation has abounded during the COVID-19 pandemic. And one reason so many people believe lies about how COVID spreads and/or the efficacy of masks and vaccines at preventing death is because of people like Dr. Simone Gold.

Dr. Gold is a licensed emergency physician in California. And with a huge following on Twitter, she has made a big name -- and lots of profit -- for herself by peddling severe falsehoods during the pandemic. And yet, she still has her medical license.

Sign the petition to demand the state of California revoke this unscientific and unethical doctor's medical license, before she hurts more people!

One of Dr. Gold's most successful con-acts has been discouraging conservative Christians from receiving the highly-effective vaccines against COVID-19... and convincing them to, instead, pay her lots of money to access unproven alternative drugs. That's a convenient way to ratchet up a lot of business. But she's preying on people's health and hurting them, just to make a buck for herself.

COVID-19 has now killed upwards of 700,000 Americans as of October 1, 2021. That now accounts for more people deceased in the U.S. than during the horrifically deadly 1917 flu pandemic. For any doctor to be playing fast and loose with the scientific facts of this disease is despicable -- especially when it's for their own financial gain.

Doctors' first creed is supposed to be "Do No Harm." But Dr. Gold clearly does not care about that. She'd rather become an anti-vaxxer celebrity, indoctrinating a vulnerable public with lies. And in doing so, she is endangering huge communities of Americans -- not just endangering the individuals to whom she preaches, but also those who could contract COVID through contact with these people. She is responsible for essentially encouraging the spread of a deadly virus.

On top of everything else, she's also an insurrectionist who travelled to Washington, D.C. to try and violently, forcibly overtake the government on January 6th. How can she be trusted to care for patients and follow medical guidelines if her real priority is spreading bogus conspiracy theories?

The American Board of Emergency Medicine has already said it will revoke the certification for any medical professionals spouting "inaccurate information." The Federation of State Medical Boards has made a similar statement. It's time for California's medical board to do the same.

Tell the Medical Board of California to revoke Dr. Simone Gold's license to practice medicine, based on her clear inability to follow science, facts, or ethics!
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