This New Law Could Help End Violence Against Women, Pass it Now!

Violence against women is a horrible problem in many parts of the world. But England and Wales are recognizing that there is more the law can do to prevent this violence. To that end, they are considering a new law that has a number of smart initiatives to help curb this prevalent violence.

Will you sign the petition to support this effort to keep people safe?

This issue made international news and helped spur conversations about this new law after the murder of Sarah Everard, who was killed while walking home from a friend's house in London several months ago. Sarah should still be with us and she isn't. That's why it's so important to curb violence along the spectrum. 

The new law being put forth in England and Wales would do several things. For one, it would make street harassment illegal. It could also outlaw non-disclosure agreements in higher education, which are often used by people with power and influence to silence victims of violence and abuse. A new, 24-hour rape and sexual assault hotline would get funding through the law and outlaw the disgusting and antiquated "virginity testing", which is just a hymen inspection. 

Advocates say the law is badly needed. Will you sign on to show your support?

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