Save Samrat Gaj the Baby Elephant and all Asian babies!

We must stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Baby elephants are still being trained in traditional dominant abusive manners all over Asia.  Even Samrat Gaj the symbol of hope in Nepal as the first private baby elephant to have a chain free home has been forced to have this horrifying training. Sapana Village Lodge in Chitwan who owns this elephant has taken his corral away and sent him to training.  The time has come to stop this.  Will you help?  

Dear Bhim Acharya Hon'ble Minister;

Samrat Gag was the symbol of hope in Nepal. He was the first private baby elephant born in captivity that had a chain free corral. He had probably the finest life a small elephant in Nepal could have and it all changed this December. 

He lives at the Sapana Village Lodge in Chitwan with his mother. He was trained in his first year using positive reinforcement. The training stopped and the baby grew up without any kind of training. His corral is gone and now at 3 years old he has been sent for traditional training at the Government Breeding Center in Chitwan. 

He has been separated from his mother who has been forced to watch her baby be trained in the old way of dominance and cruelty. She was so distressed she smashed a tree, but she is captive elephant she had no chance to protect her baby. Samrat's front legs are hobbled together so that when he is not in training he has to hop around. This is right in front of all of the tourists who visit this park. He has been forced to have a mahout ride him and he does so carrying many weapons. He strikes Samrat Gaj on the head repeatedly on both sides of his head and then stabs the center of his forehead to get him to perform. 

This baby elephant suffered with the Herpes Virus one year ago; he is not that strong. It is time for positive training to take place at the Breeding Center; it is time to put the fire away, the nasty weapons and train your elephants with love and compassion. There are experts that are willing to help. 

Samrat Gaj a beautiful loving elephant now is a symbol of abuse and shows the world that Nepal has not yet embraced compassion for their animals. Please legislate laws to protect elephants in Nepal; support appropriate training and take your elephants off chains.

Update #45 jaar geleden
PLEASE READ We have managed to stop the sale of this baby elephant. Direct Aid Nepal and another organization will step in and care for him and build chain free corrals for Samrat and his mother. If everyone who signed this petition would donate just 8.00 us dollars we can do this & help the rest of the elephants where he lives. He will live with his mother for as long as needs to be with her and then go to a sanctury Donate at
Update #35 jaar geleden
We were recently informed that Samrat Gaj has been sold and will be leaving Sapana Village to live in India. He will be permanently separated from his mother now and from the only home he has ever known. This is extraordinarily cruel. Please do all that you can to renew this effort to stop the cruel treatment of elephants in Asia. This baby is only 3 years old and will traveling hundreds of miles away from his mother now.
Update #25 jaar geleden
Samrat Gaj, turned 3 since we last updated. He remains separated from his mother and we now know that more than one person rides him at a time. He has no free time and whenever he is off his chains he is being dominated. His mahout has replaced his mother. Please contact Sapana Village Lodge in Chitwan; and plead for them to reunite this mother and baby. Visit our facebook page; for more updates
Update #15 jaar geleden
Please remember to share this. Samrat is going back to Sapana Village Lodge on Christmas Day; the 25th. We must insist that he truly be reunited with his mother.
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