Demand the media give President Biden the credit he deserves!

The numbers don't lie, folks. Under President Biden, the US has built one of the strongest economies in the world. He's created 14 million jobs, cut the black-white employment gap to its lowest level in American history, wages are rising, and union activity is on the rise — and we're far outperforming other developed countries.

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, unprecedented investments in our infrastructure and green energy are creating even more jobs and preparing America for a greener future. Millions of Americans have had their student debt wiped out while seniors now have their insulin costs capped at just $35. But after all this, the media STILL won't give President Biden any credit!

Tell the media to tell the truth and give President Biden his due!

It's absolutely absurd. To give you an example, a recent Bloomberg headline read "Even a Winning Jobs Report Is a Loser for Biden." The media has been relentless in downplaying Biden's accomplishments and boosting Trump, and it's time this came to an immediate end.

"The presidential campaign right now is basically a competition between a media mirage of Biden (senile, can't finish a sentence, no policy accomplishments, terrible economy) and a media mirage of Trump (suddenly presidential, strong, coherent, no more rigged-election nonsense)" writes analyst and Democratic candidate Will Stancil. For the sake of our democracy, we need to dispel the mirages and make sure American voters know the truth about what President Biden has accomplished!

Demand the media give President Biden the credit he deserves!

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