Nevada: Defund the Police!

    This petition is to show how many folks in Nevada, both local and statewide, are asking their officials to Defund The Police. We want to take this petition to the hands of City council, The mayor, Nevada senate and assembly members, and the Governor.

    Public officials: Your community wants justice for Miciah Lee, and all people who have been killed at the hands of police. Police brutality is an egregious public health issue that disproportionately targets black and brown folks, and your community has been shown time and time again that more money toward policing and incarceration does not bring this death toll down. The only way forward is to put all efforts and funding into our communities health, welfare, and education, and to stop putting money and effort into an institution that keeps brutally murdering people and unjustly taking lives away.

    Our Northern Nevada Community Demands of RPD, SPD and WCSO:

    - Be defunded, demilitarized, and disarmed.

    -Hold every officer involved in police related deaths criminally responsible. Fire and don't rehire.

    -Cut all ties with Immigration Customs Enforcement in jails and PDs

    -Get all cops out of schools: The Washoe County School district, UNR, TMCC.

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