Demand oil companies stop price gouging the American people!

The already-high price of gasoline is set to skyrocket with the Biden administration's decision to stop buying fossil fuels from Russia as punishment for Vladimir Putin's appalling invasion of Ukraine.

An American public already pressured by rising inflation costs is going to have even more of its money funneled into the pockets of the seven major oil corporations, all of whom are enjoying record profits thanks to the historically high price of oil.

But instead of extending any relief to the American people, Big Oil is using those record profits to buy back stock — a staggering $38 billion dollars worth this year — to make wealthy shareholders even richer.

Add your name to demand oil companies lower their prices and stop gouging the American public!

Not only are oil companies not lifting a finger to help millions of Americans facing tough economic challenges, they are adding insult to injury by cutting back on investment in green technology — and threatening to invest even less should they face any kind of "windfall tax," as many governments around the world are considering.

These mega-polluters are pushing our world headfirst towards an ecological apocalypse through fossil fuel-induced climate change while extorting hundreds of millions of people for their own bottom lines. It's time we took a serious stand.

Demand oil companies stop price gouging the American people!

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