Demand DeSantis end his tyrannical school book bans!

Ron DeSantis' war on history and the truth has gone so far that all the books are literally being pulled from the shelves in Florida schools in order for them to be screened for content displeasing to the ruling regime — meaning anything that dignifies LGBTQ+ Americans or implies that anti-Black racism is in fact still alive and well in the United States. Teachers who don't comply are being threatened with prison.

Photographs of empty shelves and stories of heartbroken kids are going viral on social media. "The kids began crying and writing letters to the principal, saying, 'Please don't take my books, please don't do this,'" said Marie Masferrer, an ex-librarian who is close with her former colleagues.

Tell DeSantis to stop policing books and let children learn!

As if that wasn't bad enough already, the critically understaffed Florida school do not have enough teachers to vet all the books for "inappropriate" content, so they are turning to the public to help out. Extremist right-wing activists are campaigning to get their fellow "Woke-Busters" to volunteer themselves for the job.

It is terrifying to see how rapidly Florida is reshaping its educational curriculum and denying kids the knowledge they need to grow up to be well-rounded, tolerant individuals. Our kids demand better, and justice demands that real history be taught so that it cannot be repeated.

Tell DeSantis to put ALL the books back in classrooms!

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