Demand the government provide better circumstances for pregnant women!

    I want to petition for the government to stop wasting our tax money on death sentences for abortions, and start funding a better foster systems; we need to fund voluntary classes for first time parents, and give the best opportunity possible for them and their kid. Did you know, to adopt a Foster Child, it can cost up to $40,000? It is expensive to adopt, and it is expensive to foster. I'm concerned because, women today are struggling with the fact they can't take care of a kid, they are losing the safe way to abort/don't want to have an abortion, and they don't want to put them in foster care, because it is already flooding without the help. We need to provide affordable birth control/plan B, and condoms. Women, AND kids need great opportunities, and we aren't providing it. Instead of wasting our Tax dollars on absurd laws and restrictions, we need to put that money into making sure abortions are safe the foster system is well taken care of, and we need to provide better classes in school on how to handle pregnancy, and how to prepare for it.
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