This Amazing Program Helps Care for Pets When Their Owners Go Into Hospice

The transition to hospice care can be an incredibly difficult time. Beyond the emotional and psychological toll, hospice patients and their families also have to deal with many logistical difficulties: who will care for the house, water the plants? How will we make time for consistent visits to keep them company? The last thing a hospice patient or their family needs is to worry about a pet being taken away because they do not have the capacity to fully care for it. Pet Peace of Mind hopes to change that.

Mercy Hospice's Pet Peace of Mind takes the burden of pet responsibility off of hospice patients and their families. But what makes this program particularly special is that while Pet Peace of Mind does help make arrangements for pets to be rehomed after an owner's death, the program also provides vital support for the pet in the final years of the patient's life. Pets deserve to stay with their beloved owners, even if those owners are sick or limited in their capacity. This incredible program allows owners to keep their furry friends close by their side when they need them most. 

While this program is absolutely incredible, it is small and rare: most hospice care locations do not offer support for pets. That's why we must tell HCA Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare networks in the country, to partner with this program and implement pet hospice care across all of their facilities!

People in hospice deserve the support and love of their animal companions, and pets deserve to stay close to their person while they are alive, too. HCA Healthcare: commit to implementing a pet hospice care program today! Sign the petition now if you agree!

petitie tekenen
petitie tekenen
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