Sharks aren’t a problem - their systematic slaughter is. Sign if you agree.

The numbers are beyond belief. At least 100 million sharks are killed each year - some estimates go as high as a quarter of a billion.

That's around 274,000 sharks every day, of every week, of every month, or - unfathomably - 200 sharks slaughtered with every passing minute.

Some are caught for their meat and fins - dragged from the water and unceremoniously dumped on deck. Others are simply bycatch - ruthlessly discarded back into the ocean. Dead.

Yet, somehow, some people still have the audacity to paint sharks as the villains.

And so instead of protecting them as if our planet's blue heart depends on it (spoiler alert: it does) most of the world is continuing to see them as disposable.

That. Must. Change.

Sign now to send a message. Sign to demand that sharks get the protection they need and criminals cannot continue to profit off their eradication.

With so many people hungry for these marvellous creature's extinction, they need every caring voice they can get. If you think sharks deserve a future, then please, sign now.

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