Support People with Disabilities in Gaza

In Gaza, women and children with disabilities are facing a nightmare.

Relentless bombing is making it difficult for them to flee to safety. Imagine how frightening it would be if you couldn't hear the sirens and the bombs exploding. Or if you are blind and can't find your way to safety through the chaos. Imagine not knowing if you'll be able to escape quickly enough in your wheelchair. You just have to wait and hope.

Shelters in Gaza are severely overcrowded and don't have any of the services, assistive devices, or medicine that get left behind. Even something as simple as going to the toilet can be an impossible ordeal. We've seen disabled people in Gaza going without food and water to avoid needing the toilet.

Sadly, in a conflict, it is always the most vulnerable people who face the greatest risks. And time and again, we see that the needs of the most vulnerable are forgotten. This is the horrible reality faced by disabled people in Gaza today.

Our teams are distributing essential supplies of crutches, wheelchairs, hygiene, and first aid kits, and we are urgently assessing the needs of the most vulnerable in the shelters, so that help can get to those that need it most. But we can't do i without you.

Sign the petition today to support our call for assistance for people with disabilities in Gaza.

Thank you for your urgent support.
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