Don't let childbirth be a death sentence.

For the women Partners In Health serves, childbirth is often a danger to dread, not a moment to celebrate.

The numbers are horrific. A woman in Sierra Leone is 235 times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than a woman in the United States, and 99% of all maternal deaths take place in low-income countries.

Often the cause of death is postpartum hemorrhage: bleeding to death with no hope for a transfusion.

The thing is, Partners In Health knows how to fix this injustice. It doesn't take a miracle cure, or some undiscovered innovation. All it takes is a functioning health system with clinics, roads, ambulances, blood banks, and operating rooms -- staffed and stocked with basic supplies. In other words, like with any emergency, addressing it just takes effort, money, and attention.

Make no mistake, the injustice of maternal death is an emergency. One that has been ignored for too long.

At Partners In Health, we're committed to providing the proper effort, funding, and attention to keep moms safe, even in some of the most impoverished places on four continents. Add your name today and help us show the world maternal death is an emergency that can and must be stopped.
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