Demand Equal Opportunity for All

This November, Californians will have a chance to fight systematic racism by voting Yes on Proposition 16! 

There has never been a more critical time to reinstate equal opportunity in California — as we chart a path forward to a stronger economic future for women and communities of color, and a California where Black Lives Matter and our systems are just. 

But the Wall Street forces that organized behind the ban on affirmative action in 1996 — keeping a tight hold on the status quo that benefits the wealthy few and no one else — are coming out of the woodwork again, building a disinformation campaign to slow us down. 

With less than 3 months to go until Election Day, we need to grow our coalition of supporters who believe that it's time for affirmative action in California. Add your name to join our rainbow coalition of partners fighting to ensure equal opportunity for all!

Paid for by Opportunity for All Coalition. Committee major funding from M. Quinn Delaney, Elizabeth Cabraser.
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